Best hotels in Mussoorie for Honeymoon

Best hotels in Mussoorie for Honeymoon

Mussoorie is no less than paradise if you want to enjoy your honeymoon. Natural landscapes, dense forests, magnificent waterfalls, and high mountains make Mussoorie for love birds to spend quality time. Located at the foothills of Uttarakhand, Mussoorie is the perfect place for couples who have just married.

You can make your honeymoon time more romantic with a trip toMussoorie. Kempty Waterfalls, Mussoorie Lake, LalTibba, and many other places will enhance your honeymoon time.

Mussoorie has pleasant weather, amazing tourist places, and some of the best hotels to stay in. You can book MV Acousta hotel for spending your romantic time. It is one of the most reputable Hotels in Mussoorie for honeymoon. In this blog, we will give detailed information onMussoorie’s top places to enjoy and things to try around our hotel.

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Things to try in Mussoorie

The location of our hotel MV Acousta is in the center of the town. Due to its amazing location, one can enjoy watching major tourist places of Mussoorie. Some of the best things to try for every tourist around our hotel MV Acousta are listed below:

Lake Mist: Lake Mist is one of the best places where you must visit. It is a dreamy lake with picturesque nature. You can spend many hours at this lake with your friends and family members. It is more like a picnic spot where you can enjoy boating and fun activities. The place itself will mesmerize you within a few seconds.

Hiking: Mussoorie is a famous spot for hiking. It is blessed with alluring landscapes wherein you can try hiking. If you love walking amidst cloudy places, choose the route from Happy Valley to Library Head. This region has a backdrop of majestic mountains and beautiful nature. You can also go hiking to places such as Nature Reserve hike, Happy Valley hike, and Jabarkhet Nature Reserve hike.

Zip Swing Adventure: If you are an adventure lover, try Zip swing in Mussoorie. It is one of the best activities in Mussoorie. It includes flying over deep valleys of Mussoorie and swinging in between the valleys. You will get fun as well as adventurous experiences by doing this activity.

Wildlife photography

Your wildlife photography will get new wings by visiting the amazing wildlife sanctuaries of Mussoorie. Some of the best sanctuaries in the region include Jabarkhet Wildlife sanctuary, Benog sanctuary, and others. You can see exotic species in these sanctuaries such as langurs, martens, and porcupines.

Roller skating

You will find the largest roller skating rink in Mussoorie where you can enjoy roller skating. Your body will feel a magical touch of a cold wave of Mussoorie.


We all know that Mussoorie is famous for trekking. It has several trekking routes starting from a difficult level to an easy level. Experience some thrill by trekking on breathtaking routes of Mussoorie such as Nag Tibba summit, Bhadraj Temple Trek, and Dodikal trek. However, you must choose the best weather for trekking activities.


The next popular activity on the list is Paragliding. You can choose rides on a two-seater glider to experience real Mussoorie from a high altitude. These rides last for 1 hour and the flights fly to an altitude of 10,000 ft. It is a bizarre as well as beautiful experience to take.

Rock Climbing

Rock Climbing is a must-try thing in Mussoorie. This region is filled with rocks of several sizes from 50 ft. to about 600ft. Rock climbing needs passion and daring. You can discover some of the best wonders of Mussoorie during Rock climbing. This place has rugged terrains and steep ranges that enhance rock climbing. You can also try mountain biking and rappelling in Mussoorie. Dhanaulti road is a popular road for mountain biking as it offers majestic views of pine and oak trees.

Horse Riding

Whoever visits Mussoorie must go for a horse ride. It is an exciting adventure to try especially in Mussoorie. Specific routes are reserved for horse riding such as Children’s Lodge and Camels Back Road. Riding a horse amid green trees and a lovely atmosphere is a thing to try in Mussoorie.

River Rafting

Mussoorie is famous for its white waters. River rafting in white waters gives an awesome experience to rafting fans. You can also witness steep slopes and natural landscapes of Mussoorie while rafting in wild rivers. Some of the most popular routes for rafting include Barkot to Lakhamandal and Damta to Yamuna Bridge. You can try rafting in challenging stretches of the Alaknanda and Kali rivers.


Do you love fishing in the calm waters of lakes? Then you must try it in some of the most alluring rivers of Mussoorie. This region has a variety of fishes such as Maund and Trout that you pick in the Yamuna and Aglar Rivers. But it is necessary to take permission fromthe forest officer to gofishing.


One of the most wonderful things to do in Mussoorie is to make wine. You can visit workshops that are held regularly to teach the process of making wine to tourists. You can learn to make wines of various fruity flavors such as plum, apples, grapes, and ginger.


If you want to take the fun of real adventure, a skywalk is a thing to try in Mussoorie. There is a long wire of 360 ft. on which you have to walk keeping your hands free. This rope is located at a height of about 120 ft. You have a supporting wire that gives safety while walking on the rope. Some other adventures include Zip swings and zipline adventures that make Mussoorie a wonderful place to explore.

Best tourist attractions in Mussoorie

Mussoorie is a hub of scenic spots, natural landscapes, rivers, lakes, and wildlife sanctuaries. It has many tourist spots for visitors such as:

Kempty Falls

The nearest spot to enjoy from our hotel MV Acousta is Kempty Falls. These falls are situated at a height of about 4500 ft. They are surrounded by high mountain peaks. You can enjoy a short day trip to this spot with your family and friends. Stunning views of flowing water streams give a perfect location for a camera shot. You can also enjoy a cool bath in the lake at the bottom of these waterfalls. There is also a facility for boating at this spot.


Another popular tourist spot of Mussoorie is LalTibba. It is located at a distance of 6 km from the main city. You can see many notable peaks in this region such as the Kedarnath peak, Badrinath peak, and Nilkantha peak. Since the rule of the British in India, LalTibba is considered a hill station. You can also view the Tibet border from this point.

Gun Hill

Once a volcano, Gun Hill offers stunning views of Mussoorie from a height of 2024 meters. It is one of the best spots in the city to relax and chill for a few hours. You can get a chance to see majestic Himalayan ranges from the top point. Apart from that, Gun Hill also offers the sight of Doon valley. The ropeway is the best thing to try in Gun hill. You can capture some views of beautiful Mussoorieon your camera by traveling in a cable car.

Mall Road

Mall Road is a very famous area in the city. It is full of shops, skating rinks, and video game parlors. You can relax on benches for some time and feel Mussoorie at its best. Many shops in Mall Road sell some of the authentic things of the region that you must buy. Moreover, Mall Road is the most ideal place for shopping lovers.


Located among dense forests, Landour is a silent place in the city. It is a perfect place to detoxify your mind and body. The natural beauty of Landour will relax your mind within a few minutes. You can see the high ranges of the Himalayas from this point. Landour has become a favorite gateway for many tourists these days.

Jharipani Falls

Jharipani Falls is situated in the Jharipani village of Mussoorie. This small waterfall is surrounded by amazing greenery and natural landscapes. You have to trek about 1.5 km to reach this spot. Beautiful valleys around Jharipani Falls throw a nice backdrop for photography.

Dalai Hills

If you want to experience a dream-like feeling, do visit Dalai Hills. It is one of the most exciting spots of Mussoorie offering amazing views of the Great Himalayas. The whole region is located around stunning valleys. It also offers many trails for trekking and hiking. Dalai Hills provide a breathtaking sight of landscapes for nice photography.

ShedupChoepelling Temple

ShedupChoepelling Temple is a Buddhist Temple situated near Company Garden. It has a large idol of Lord Buddha that enhances the beauty of the place. This temple includes prayer wheels, meditation chambers, and murals. The place itself gives a positive feeling to your body, soul, and mind.

Company Garden

Surrounded by rich greenery and beautiful landscapes, Company Garden is a must-watch place in the city. It is a vibrant place with many rides and manmade waterfalls. You can also take a long walk in the garden amidst green trees and colorful flowers. Do click on some of the best photos of Company Garden.

Jwala Devi Temple Mussoorie

Indulge your senses in spirituality by visiting Jwala Devi Temple of Mussoorie. It is a temple dedicated to Durgaand has significance inHindu mythology. It is believed that your sufferings will end soon after visiting this temple. Jwala Devi Temple is surrounded by deodar trees and gives amazing views Shivalik Ranges and Yamuna River.

George Everest's House

George Everest’s House is a place at a top of the hill that offers mesmerizing views of Mussoorie valley. This place has a serene environment that calms your mind and detoxifies it. It also offers panoramic views of Himalayan peaks and Doon valley for amazing photography. Sir George Everest used to stay in this house for 11 years and it was his laboratory and observatory.

K DevBhoomi Wax Museum

This museum opened recently in the city. It is based on Madame Tussauds of London.You can see lifelike wax statues of some celebrities in this museum. Many tourists have visited this museum after its opening.

Cloud's End

Cloud's End is a paradise of Mussoorie with dreamy views of clouds. You can go trekking near this heavenly region. It is encircled by deodar forests and oak trees. You can also witness gushing River Aglar from Cloud’s End. This place is also for a heritage building built during British rule in India. It is also a nice place for hiking, nature walks, and hill-climbing.

Mossy Falls

The next on the place is Mossy Falls. It is located at a distance of 7 km from the main city. It includes moss-laden rocks and gushing waterfalls. You can capture mesmerizing views of hilltops and waterfalls with your camera. You can also see a Shivlinga near these waterfalls. Mossy Falls give a perfect stretch for trekking and hiking.

Spend romantic time in Hotel MV Acousta

Our hotel MV Acousta is a luxury place for tourists. It is one of the best Hotels in Mussoorie for honeymoon couples. We have 8 deluxe rooms with 7 premium valley view rooms and 3 luxury family suites. Hotel MV Acousta is spread over a vast area and offers amazing surroundings of lush green nature and superb landscapes. Let us discuss more our hotel and its facilities. MV Acousta is a luxury hotel for tourists located nearthe main city. It is a perfect place to stay for honeymoon couples, families, bachelors, and college groups. Our hotel has a widespread area with several facilities. Our hotel offers stunning views of Mussoorie’s valleys and mountain peaks.

We offer different types of rooms according to the needs and sizes of every family. Our rooms are of 3 kinds such as:

MV Acousta is one of the most affordable Hotels in Mussoorie for honeymoon couples. You can check our official site to look at our offers and new deals.

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