Enjoy lovely leisure in Mussoorie with a Royal stay

A hill station with captivating beauty, Mussoorie is an abode of natural waterfalls, reserves, lakes, and beautiful landscapes. Proudly called as "Queen of Hills", Mussoorie is an ideal vacation destination. Whether you want to spend holidays with family or friends, colleagues or cousins, Mussoorie is an enjoyable place for everyone.

With an abundance of nature and sightseeing points, this hill station is truly a paradise. You can witness enticing views of LalTinna and Kempty Falls during your vacation trip toMussoorie. It is also a famous spot for boating, zip-lining, and many other activities.

If you are fed up with tedious city life and the hues of hot summer, pack your bags to unleash the beauty of Mussoorie. It is also blessed with many wildlife sanctuaries, temples, and picnic spots. Elegant views of gushing River Algar soothe your mind and soul. There are ample things to try in this abode of nature.

Best sightseeing points to visit in Mussoorie

Mussoorie is a place with plenty of nature spots, lakes, and wildlife sanctuaries. Now, we will look at the different sightseeing points of Mussoorie in detail:

Lal Tibba Scenic point: LalTibbascenic point is one of the most elegant places in Mussoorie. It is located just 6 km from Mussoorie. LalTibba is located at a height of approximately 7,164 feet offering magical views of the Tibet border. Apart from that, it is also a viewing point of many notable peaks such as Kedarnath Peak, Banderpoonch peak, and Badrinath peak. This region is famous for hiking and nice coffee for tourists.

Kempty Falls: Your Mussoorie trip cannot be finished without a visit to these natural waterfalls. Kempty Falls is a must-visit spot of Mussoorie with a height of 1,364 meters. They are located around surreal valleys that will freshen up your mind and body. A bath under these falls gives an amazing lifetime memory. You can also enjoy hot Maggi with tasty tea to make your day more beautiful.

Kempty Falls: Your Mussoorie trip cannot be finished without a visit to these natural waterfalls. Kempty Falls is a must-visit spot of Mussoorie with a height of 1,364 meters. They are located around surreal valleys that will freshen up your mind and body. A bath under these falls gives an amazing lifetime memory. You can also enjoy hot Maggi with tasty tea to make your day more beautiful.

Gun Hill 

The next on the list is Gun Hill. It is one of the most famous spots in the region with breathtaking beauty. From Mall Road, this hill is situated at a short distance of only 1.7 km. There is no entry fee to enjoy the views of Gun Hill. 

Gun Hill is the center place to enjoy views of the Pithwara Himalayan ranges, Srikantha and Gangotri. You can spend a good time with your friends and family at Gun Hill. 

4. Camel Back Road 

Relax your mind at Camel Back Road which is located 3 km from Mussoorie. It is a perfect place for a romantic walk with your wife or lover. This place gained its name because of the camel-shaped rock at its end. Views of sunrise and sunset will capture your mind within seconds. 

You can visit this place by walking or autorickshaw from the bus stand or Cart Road. This place also has a British Cemetery which is 180 years old. 

5. Mussoorie Lake 

If you want to spend a cool day with your friends or family, visit Mussoorie Lake. It is a man-made lake and a good tourist attraction in the region. There are various interesting things to do at this place such as boating, paragliding, and zip-lining. 

You can enjoy delicious snacks at restaurants near the lake. Besides, you can also enjoy shopping at shops located near this lake. 

6. The Mall Road 

The Mall Road is one of the most rocking places of Mussoorie. It is a place with lots of shops, bakeries, and cafes. From food to shopping, you can enjoy everything at the Mall Road. It is the best place to hang out with friends and cousins for the whole day. 

You can buy some interesting stuff fromMussoorie at Mall Road at affordable prices. It is open for the whole day for walking or spending leisure with your family. 

7. Company Garden 

Company Garden is another beautiful place in Mussoorielocated at a distance of 3 k from Mall Road. It is situated in the higher Himalayas. This place is filled with lush green grass and alluring flowers. 

This garden was started by Dr. H. Fackner 2 decades. It is a perfect picnic spot for both adults and kids. You can also enjoy a relaxing time near manmade waterfalls located in this garden. 

8. Happy Valley 

The next on the list is Happy Valley. It is a nice place for walking a morning or evening walk. It offers picturesque views of scenic spots around it. A lush green garden will make your day more charming. You can also witness authentic Tibetan culture by visiting the temples near this garden. 

9. Bhatta Falls 

Bhatta Falls is a weekend gateway for tourists. It is a nice place located 7 km from Mussoorie. This alluring picnic spot is ideal for picnic and day trips because of its breathtaking landscapes. You can also capture the elegant backdrop of Bhatta Falls with your camera. It is convenient to reach Bhatta Falls by taking a bus or taxi. 

10. Benog Wildlife sanctuary

Quench your thirst for wildlife photography by visiting the Benog wildlife sanctuary. It has a variety of animals and birds for wildlife lovers. This wildlife sanctuary is situated 11 km from Mussoorie. You can do activities such as trekking and bird watching in this sanctuary. There are local cabs and private cars available from Mussoorie to visit Benog wildlife sanctuary. 

11. Lake Mist 

Lake Mist is famous for boating and delicious foods. The peaceful atmosphere near this lake makes it a perfect location for relaxing and spending an evening. Lake mist is not very far from the main city and you can hire a local cab or private car to reach this lake. It is also a good place to click good photographs. 

12. Jharipani Falls 

Mussoorie is famous for its natural and beautiful Jharipani Falls. These falls are situated at a distance of 7 km from the main city. Untouched by city pollution and dirty elements, Jharipani Falls has a variety of colorful flowers and lush green nature. You can also do trekking around these waterfalls. This region also offers scenic views of Shivalik ranges and other places. 

13. Dhanaulti

Located at a height of about 2286 meters, Dhanaulti is a must-visit place for everyone. It is one of the most attractive spots of Mussoorie with enchanting beauty and mesmerizing landscapes. You can enjoy a long drive toDhanaulti with your friends and family. This place offers panoramic views of the Himalayas. It is famous for shopping and delicious food. 

14. George Everest House 

George Everest House is a famous spot for hikers. It was once a residential place of Sir George. He stayed in Mussoorie for many years because of its mesmerizing beauty. Now, this house has been turned into a museum that many people visit every year. You can also enjoy the views of snow-covered mountains by visiting this museum. 

15. Mossy Falls 

Mossy Falls is another notable place inMussoorie. It is located at a distance of 7 km from the main city. You can come closer to nature by visiting this place. The gushing waterfalls and surreal beauty of Mossy Falls will capture your heart, mind, and soul. It is a famous spot for photography. You can easily reach this place by taking a cab or bus. 

16. Jay Jwala Devi Temple Kahrijinagar

This is another notable temple located at a distance of 2 km from the Clouds End tourist. It is an ancient temple dedicated to DurgaMataji. The temple offers panoramic views of Mussoorie from a high altitude. You can take a cab or private car from the city to reach this temple. 

17. Adventure Park Mussoorie

If you are planning a relaxing day in Mussoorie with friends and family, visit Adventure Park. It is a nice place for enjoying some adventure activities. This park is ideal for both adults and kids. It is open from morning to evening. You can enjoy various activities such as water sports, zipline, kidzy castle, rope couse, and cycling. 

18. ShedupChoephelling Buddhist Temple 

ShedupChoephelling Buddhist temple is one of the best religious places in Mussoorie. It depicts royal Tibetan culture and the beautiful idol of Lord Buddha. This temple has attractive pillars and colorful murals with intrinsic designs. You can calm your mind in the peaceful surroundings of this Buddhist temple. It also has the life-life status of the Dalai Lama.

19. Nag Tibba

If you are a trekking lover, do not forget to visit Nag Tibba. It is one of the best trekking routes located at an altitude of 9915 ft. This trekking route is easy for beginners and you will enjoy breathtaking views of Bandarpoonch Peak and Gangotri peak. It is a calm and soothing place away from the chaos of the city.

20. Jabarkhet

Jabarkhet is one of the most interesting places inMussoorie. It has a nature reserve for nature lovers. You will witness great biodiversity in this reserve. This place is situated a short distance from Mussoorie city. You can also enjoy views of snowcapped mountains from Jabarkhet. It also has many bird and animal species. 

21. K DevBhoomi Wax Museum 

This is a wax museum that includes lifelike wax statues of famous people of the world. It has become one of the most popular spots in the city because of the short distance from the main city. You can take a cab or private car from the Mall Road or bus stand. It is open from morning to evening. 

22. Bhadraj Temple 

Dedicated to Balram, brother of Krishna, Bhadraj Temple is situated at a distance of 13 km from Mussoorie. This temple has a nice backdrop of amazing landscapes which will capture your mind and heart. It is a quaint place with mind-blowing surroundings. 

23. Cloud End 

Spend a peaceful day in Mussoorie at Cloud’s End. It is a soul-soothing place with lush green forests. You can enjoy mesmerizing views of sunrise and sunset with dreamy clouds around you. Cloud End is the perfect location for quenching your thirst for nature photography. 

24. Library Bazaar 

Library Bazaar is a good place for people who love shopping and roaming in markets. It is a popular market selling some of the best books on every subject. You can find booksby every author in this market. It is located in the center of the city and you can hire a local cab or take a bus to reach this place. 

25. Mussoorie Heritage Center 

As the name says, this is the heritage center of Mussoorie that shows the ancient culture of the city. It includes amazing paintings on frescoes, scrap art, and canvasses. Apart from that, you can also witness a huge collection of musical instruments, jewelry, and clothes in this center. 

How to reach Mussoorie? 

It is very easy to reach Mussoorie nowadays from anywhere in India. There are 3 ways to reach Mussoorie such as:

  • By Air 

The nearest airport to Mussoorie is Jollygrant Airport. This airport is located in Dehradun. You can book direct flights from any city in India to Jollygrant airport. Another option is to book a flight from your city to Indira Gandhi International Airport, Delhi. You can then take a bus, cab or private car from the airport to reach Mussoorie. 

  • By Road 

You can also travel to Mussoorie by bus. Many private and state government buses are available from Delhi and Dehradun to Mussoorie. These buses run daily. 

  • By Rail 

The nearest railway station to Mussoorie is Dehradun Railway station. You can book any train from cities such as Mumbai, Delhi, and Kolkata to reach Dehradun railway station. From Dehradun railway station, you can reach Mussoorie by bus, cab or private car. 

Where to Stay in Mussoorie? 

Mussoorie trip will be more fun with a royal stay at our resort, MV Acousta. We are among the best family resorts in Mussoorie with world-class facilities. Our resort offers luxury suites for families, couples, and groups. Apart from that, our resort also offers deluxe rooms and premium valley view rooms for families and couples. 

Something about our resort MV Acousta

We discussed a little part of our resort. Now, let us discuss more our resort. MV Acousta is one of the best luxury resorts in Mussoorie with good amenities. Our resort spreads over a large area and is located at a sprawling height of 2000 meters. We provide deluxe and premium valley view rooms with luxury valley view rooms to all the customers. 

From amazing backdrop and surroundings to lip-smacking food, we offer everything for tourists. We also have a large multi-cuisine restaurant with 40 seats. 

How to reach MV Acousta? 

As our resort is located at a short distance from the city, you can hire a private cab or car from Mall Road to reach here. Our resort is located at a distance of 7 km from Kempty Falls. You can reach easily from any point of Mussoorie to our resort. 

Specialties of our resort 

If you are searching for the best hotels and resorts in Mussoorie, choose MV Acousta. Our resort offers a luxurious stay and an amazing experience to every tourist. Some of the best points of our resort are:

  • Mind-blowing surroundings with lush green hills and amazing landscapes 
  • Hotel and restaurant together for tourists
  • Delicious welcome drink for tourists on their arrival 
  • Trampoline for kids 
  • Sports and recreational activities for both kids and adults 
  • Lice musical night 
  • Bonfire for tourists as a complimentary thing 
  • Football
  • Rooms with modern amenities and breathtaking views of Mussoorie valleys 

We promise to make your stay at Mussoorie more enjoyable with our hospitality and rich ambiance. 

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